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GoFundMe page helps former Brébeuf student fund prosthetic leg

Once a Brave, always a Brave, and Joshua (Junior) Kwajah is the living definition of it.

The former St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School student has been battling cancer for the last five years. If his strength and resilience weren’t being tested enough, during a recent chemotherapy treatment he was suddenly presented with a flesh-eating disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis that started to spread at an extremely rapid rate.

Within a couple of hours, his entire left leg was infected.

“Unfortunately, due to the combination of chemotherapy and the rapid growth of this condition, the doctors had no choice but to amputate my entire left leg all the way down to my hip bone,” he said.

In his high school years, Kwajah played basketball, football and ran track, which led to a basketball scholarship to Rockhurst University. In 2011, he worked with the Canusa Games and assisted youth in preparing for their sports events.

“I have funded multiple camps and programs for children within my community and hope to continue this dream to help children much like myself have opportunities in the sports world.”

Now, Kwajah is asking for your help.

“To say that this amputation has changed my life is an understatement,” said Kwajah who decided to start a GoFundMe to help fund a prosthetic leg.

“I have chosen this platform to try to help me gain some mobility and wellness in my life. I am able to get a prosthetic leg called Cleg 4 which will allow me to get through my everyday functions, but the challenge is overcoming the high financial costs that come with purchasing a prosthetic leg and ongoing treatments.”

“Unfortunately, my family and I simply do not have the funding to purchase it. I have exhausted many avenues from grants to financial assistance with no success. I know this is a lot to ask but any donation will help me accomplish this goal. Thank you in advance for everyone’s tremendous generosity and more importantly, God bless you for your donation.”

To help Kwajah receive his new prosthetic leg, you can donate on his GoFundMe page here: ...

GoFundMe page helps former Brébeuf student fund prosthetic leg