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Cyber Awareness

Cyber Awareness

It’s important to manage your online presence and digital footprint!

This past year, kids have faced unique challenges, as many of their in-person activities have been replaced with an increased use of technology. This has resulted in an unprecedented increased online presence and digital footprint for most of us, adults, and kids alike.

Everyone should assume that what is shared online will remain online forever. Every action you take online, and information posted about you contributes to your “digital footprint” which can straddle our personal, student and professional lives. Improving our awareness of the traces of data we leave online and recognizing how our individual digital footprints vary can help to improve the protection of our data online.

Topics and tips for this week include:

- Understanding what you post shapes your online reputation and becomes part of your digital footprint.
-Minimizing the risk of being a target of online harassment.
- Knowing that posts are not always private.
- Deleting accounts (and associated information) that you no longer need – old accounts and data can be risk.
- Navigating safely.

See attached pdf for more information.

Cyber Awareness