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St. Mary presents “A Voice in This World”

School play gives voice to the voiceless

A school play, written by students in St. Mary’s Integrated Arts Program, tells the stories of six students in the class of different special needs or disabilities who face “societal dilemma.”

Performed in the style of “Verbatim Theatre” – a genre that seeks to give voice to the voiceless – the play is scripted, verbatim, from a series of interviews done with the students and their families in the class.

“It also reflects quite heavily the experiences we have had playing and working with these students throughout the semester,” says Teacher, Kathryn Newberry.

The class worked closely with the creators of Verbatim Theatre and directors of Project Humanity in Toronto to create the play, titled, “A Voice in This World.” The play is hoped to create some discussion around the “Societal Dilemma” of exclusion and isolation, adds Newberry.

“Some of our students with special needs are not fully included in the community. They feel left out, frustrated, isolated and alone. What can we do about it?”

The play’s title, A Voice In This World, was inspired by an interview with a family member: “Some people just don’t have a voice in this world.”

“It is the goal of this play to try and change that, even if only in a small way within this school community,” says Newberry.

She adds that every aspect of the play represents some part of the students’ personalities: their likes and dislikes, their experiences, struggles, triumphs, relationships, and losses.

“It is done in a respectful and honest way, focusing on the personalities and complexities of these students. We do this with the hope that those that know them will recognize them, and those that don’t will get to know them better.”

The play is being performed on May 30, 31, June 1 and 2. Evening shows are being offered on June 1st and 2nd at 7pm and are open to the public. Tickets are $10.

Tickets will be for sale at the school the week before the play, and on School Cash Online.

Please contact for more information.

St. Mary presents “A Voice in This World”
St. Mary presents “A Voice in This World”
St. Mary presents “A Voice in This World”
St. Mary presents “A Voice in This World”