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Philosophy of Our School

Philosophy of Our School

Our Catholic Christian Communities aim to develop in all their members, a healthy self-love, love of neighbour, and love of God. To achieve this Christian dynamic, the individuality of each person must be respected by allowing for the development of the whole person to his/her fullest potential, spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and aesthetically.

Our school is a witness to faith where people find in a Catholic school, an atmosphere of sincere respect and cordiality; it should be a place where authentic human relationships can be formed among all its members. Our Catholic Secondary Schools strive toward this goal.

The philosophy of St. Mary Catholic Secondary School is that all students should have the opportunity to develop as completely as possible in the direction of their individual talents and needs. All courses are open to both male and female students, and every effort is made to create a learning environment that is free from gender-role stereotyping.

We strive to encourage sharing and caring in an atmosphere of co-operation while setting high expectations for our students to take their place as leaders in the community.