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Gowns and Tickets for Graduation

Gowns and Tickets for Graduation

All gowns and tickets for graduation will be distributed to students on Thursday June 1st in period 1.

Students must arrive at Liuna Station on Thursday June 9th no later than 5:45 for the ceremony.
Graduation Awards

Graduation Awards

Potential graduates if you wish to be considered for non-subject awards please complete the student profile form provided in the link below.

Please note you are required to complete the form in one sitting. It can not be saved for later updates. You must access it through mysite as only hwcdsb members have access to it.

Before you begin take some time to gather the following information over the past 4 years:
Clubs or teams you have been involved throughout high school (non athletic)
Volunteer work within the school, your local community and your parish.
Non athletic competitons you participated in (ie) math contests, financial literacy, program mania etc.
Future education path
All information will be verified where possible to ensure award requirements are met.

Deadline for all submissions is TUESDAY MARCH 21ST. The online form will close at 11:59pm, at which time you will no longer have access to the form.
Graduation Quotes for 2023 Graduates

Graduation Quotes for 2023 Graduates

Please see attached picture and scan.

Attention all graduates!
The St. Mary yearbook committee is now accepting quote submissions for the upcoming 2022/2023 yearbook.
Quotes will be submitted through the assigned drop box on the Grad LMS page. The drop box will be open only from Wednesday, March 1st to Friday March 31st . The drop box will firmly close at midnight on March 31st. No late submissions will be considered.
Before submitting your quote, please be sure it follows the guidelines listed below. Quotes that are deemed inappropriate, negative or disrespectful will NOT be published. Administration will also be involved in the approval of quotes.
Guidelines Include:
• Your quote must be a maximum of 2-3 sentences long.
• If you are quoting someone else’s words, please enclose the saying with quotation marks and give credit to the creator of the original quote. If you can’t identify the creator of the quote, state that it is anonymous.

Quotes should NOT include the following:
• Do not promote social media handles, make reference to time stamps for movies, tv shows, and songs.
• No hashtags, inappropriate language, slang, innuendos, hidden messages, or initials
Thank you!

Valedictorian Application Package 2023

Valedictorian Application Package 2023

Please see attached pdf. for the Valedictorian Application Package 2023.

Graduation Information 2023

Please see attached for Graduation Information 2023.

Graduation Photo Information

Graduation Photo Information

“Hello Graduates,

This year's grad photos will start November 21st for a limited number of days.

Please go to to sign up, it is .school (not .com or .ca). When you make your appointment, PLEASE write down your date and time. There will not be a reminder email sent to you.

The sitting fee is $15 cash to be paid when you arrive for your appointment. Photos are being taken in the library. We recommend wearing a white collared shirt, with a tie if you like.
Information on how to order and view your proofs online will be given to you at the time of being photographed." Luxarte Studios
Graduation Ceremony and Prom

Graduation Ceremony and Prom

Graduation Ceremony - Thursday - June 8, 2023

Graduation Prom - Friday - June 9, 2023

More information TBA.