Grade 9 1:1 Device Distribution

Grade 9 1:1 Device Distribution
Posted on 09/07/2023

For our 1:1 devices for grade 9 students.  If you have not completed the consent form, please do so using the Microsoft FORMS link below:

REQUIRED ACTION: Please fill in the following MS Form.  This is the preferred method of response and will take the place of any paper copy (You do not need to to submit both).

2023 2024 Secondary One-to-One Student Parent Letter - Active Consent.pdf

If you have chosen to complete a paper copy of the consent, please ensure that your child brings this signed consent form on distribution day.  Your child cannot receive a device until your consent has been given.  Distribution will happen through period 2, grade 9 classes using the schedule below:

Mr. Ciprietti class - Monday, September 18th

Mrs. Dipaolo-Smit’s class - Monday, September 18th

Mr. Dilorio's class- Monday, September 18th

Mrs. Ovcjak's class-Tuesday, September 19th

Madame Persi’s class- Tuesday, September 19th

Ms. Rastelli’s class- Wednesday, September 20th

Mr. Robertshaw’s class- Wednesday, September 20th

Ms. Salvatore’s class- Thursday, September 21th

Mr. Santos’s class- Thursday, September 21th

Overflow or absent students - Monday, September 25th


If you require any further information,  please email the school at  [email protected].