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School Prayer
Bookmarkers and Prayers

Bookmarkers and Prayers

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School Prayers

School Prayers

School Prayer  by Felicia Kondoh

School Prayer by Felicia Kondoh

Dear Almighty Father,
We thank you for this new school year. We ask that you guide us in our educational journey and bless
our St. Mary community.
Give us the strength to work hard, study and accomplish the new goals we have set for ourselves this
school year. Enable us to work and learn to our full potential for your glory. We ask you to guide us on
the right path for a bright and successful future and give thanks that you are with us every step of the
Give us the strength to learn from our mistakes and bless those who help us succeed. We thank you
for the love and support you have given us in our journey of life. Let us come together as a school
community and work hard to achieve our goals. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our
Lord. Amen
Marian Prayer by Maurion Heidi

Marian Prayer by Maurion Heidi

Mary, we been through a lot, the violent threats of humans, viruses, and anything that may cause us
harm on our journey forward. We ask that you bless all students so they may be guided by the light of
God as we walk the path we create. Mary, we pray for your guidance as we continue to share the
warmth of our school. We ask you to help us see light in every student for all of us are gentle hearted.
Please look past our mistakes and use your healing touch to allow us to forget any worries and see
that we have family both inside and outside school. Thank you, Mary. Amen.
Healing Prayer by Gerard Thugugala

Healing Prayer by Gerard Thugugala

Heavenly Father, we pray to you during these uncertain times of social distancing and self-isolation.
Just like your son, Jesus who healed those who were sick, we pray for the healing of all those who
suffer from this deadly disease. We ask for your continued protection especially for our elders and
those who are most vulnerable. We pray that you grant us the strength and patience to help us
continue with our lives. We ask that you send down the Holy Spirit to guide front line workers and those
working to find a cure. We believe that with you everything is possible and through your healing and
power, the virus will be swiftly eradicated. We pray in your name, Amen.