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Bombardieri Price List

Attached you will find Bombardieri's price list.

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School Uniform Supplier
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Bombardieri Uniforms website: http://www.bombardieri.ca


St. Mary's Student Dress Code
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Expected Behaviours

Students are to be in full dress code every day upon arrival and entrance into the school until they leave the property.

While in the school building and on Saint Mary Catholic Secondary School property, there will be no changing into other attire during school lunch hours or spares. (Students on Co-op are required to abide by the above.) This pertains to all articles of clothing including footwear.

Coats and/or jackets are not to be worn in the library, cafeteria, hallways or the foyer. Coats and/or jackets will not be a substitute for a school sweater at any time.

Baseball caps, hats, bandanas, head wraps (or other inappropriate headwear) are not permitted during school hours. If students choose to wear these items to and from school, they are to keep them in their lockers or personal knapsacks.

When students are going on a field trip where civies have been granted, the students should bring their school uniform in the event of the cancellation of the trip.

School uniform items, as outlined in the school dress code policy, must be purchased from Bombardieri, be unaltered (hems removed etc.), and be on the approved list. Please refer to the attached document for the approved list and more information.

STMA Uniforms and Dress Code.pdf


Board Uniform Policy

The Board Uniform Policy states, “The Principal, in consultation with the Catholic School Council, shall develop a student dress code as part of the Code of Student Conduct.”

Board Uniform Policy